How to add album artwork to iTunes 12/11/10/9/8/7 automatically?

Artworks are important for music and movie files in iTunes, users can scan their whole library and find what they want easily with these artworks. You can manually add artwork to your music and videos on iTunes11 and later. There just a few steps to follow or you can right-click on the iTunes album and choose 'Get Album Artwork' from the menu all at once; it then adds the artwork to the album.
- For iTunes 11 and before users, there are 2 ways to get album artworks:
1) If you want to add one artwork to one file with image file each time, you may select the file firstly, and choose File -> Get Info, then click to add an image file which you've prepared firstly and open it. Then the image been added to your selected music or movie. That's manual work but could help to add some music or movie files which are not purchased in iTunes.
2) Recover album artwork for songs in your library from the iTunes Store: Control-click the songs and choose Get Album Artwork from the pop-up menu.
- For iTunes 12 users to add and update album artworks:
There are so many complains about the new iTunes 12 as many functions are unavailable, such as updating album artwork on iTunes. Users can add movie artwork by adding one image to multiple files at the same time. But can not update and fix the wrong covers any more. There are only one manual way to do it, but really waste of time:
1) Adding a duplicate of the music or movie file you want to update its artwork
2) Then select both the duplicate and the original file at the sam time, and do command I to get the info panel
3) Click artwork and add the right artwork to both 2 files
4) Delete the duplicate file

Although iTunes is adept at finding album artwork if you buy through the service, it can falter at tracking down artworks for music not in its database, and it's really hard for iTunes 12 users to get album artwork easily. There are also other ways to get the right artwork to iTunes automatically and easily and help to fix your wrong album artworks at the same time with a third party software named iTunes Album Artwork Finder.

With the iTunes Album Artwork Finder app download you can easily:
• Get album artwork for iTunes automatically.
• If iTunes doesn't have the artwork for other music files you can still retrieve it.
• Perform manual searches of albums to find and add album covers.
• Keep your iTunes music library free of duplicate songs.

Follow the three steps below to update your iTunes music album with artwork, using the iTunes Album Artwork Finder. (Use iTunes Album Artwork Finder for MAC if you're a MAC user.)

Download Album Artwork Finder For iTunes (Both Mac and Win)

Download Album Artwork Finder For iTunes Download Album Artwork Finder For iTunes

Step 1. Import your iTunes Music Library and Start Scanning

Launch the iTunes Album Artwork Finder to initiate automatic scanning of your iTunes library which is then added to the iTunes Album Artwork Finder instantly. This way when you go to use the program again, it will scan for any new songs you have added to your iTunes library since the previous launch.

Run Album Artwork Finder For iTunes

Step 2. Begin to Fix

The iTunes Album Artwork Finder will automatically scan your iTunes music files to show which songs have incomplete tags; you will find this list in the 'Songs Without Album Artwork' category. Now you simply click 'Fix All' and it begins fixing each music file. Once it's done, it will display any 'unrecognizable songs' if there are any in your library. From here you can manually check the music file and click 'Edit' to open the editor, where you can then manually drag the artwork to the appropriate music files. You can also edit other song tags including album, artist, genre, etc.

Scan and identifies duplicate songs

Step 3.  Add album art to itunes

Once it get all album artworks for iTunes you want, like the album art, you can start selecting songs to verify the information shown in the right column. To add the artwork and other information to the song in your music file in iTunes, click 'Apply.' You can select several songs in a row to 'apply' to them all at once.

get album artwork on iTunes all at once

These steps will help you get album artwork for your iTunes library. It's not very hard is it? Download the app today and start sorting and managing your iTunes library right away!

Download Album Artwork Finder For iTunes Download Album Artwork Finder For iTunes

User Reviews:

Kevin | 2014-06-30 12:56:07

It's really a frustration that all of my downloaded and CD-ripped songs are without essential tags like album art, name, genre, artist, etc. But thanks to this app, all of my songs have been well tagged. Wonderful assistant to make my daily music browsing less of a hair-pulling experience.

Dave Middleton | 2014-06-25 22:14:12

Cool and useful iTunes alternative! This Album Artwork Finder program helps me to complete the music information. I have copied many CD songs from my MacBook to iTunes library, and some of them don’t have music tags. This app finds out these music files and complete the information. Thanks!

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